By using advancements in both remote data transfer technology and cloud based data management, we provide practical, simple, on farm information gathering and interpretation solutions.  Because we are farmers, we understand the need to provide simple solutions that work and last. We know that our customers need to trust the people they are dealing with and have confidence they really understand local farming enterprises.

The FarmPulse ‘Why’

Because on farm information will drive more efficient agriculture. To source this information, farmer’s need simple, practical, technology solutions that work.

The FarmPulse ‘How’

We use the latest technologies designed for the “Internet of Things” such as LoRa radio to provide cost effective, reliable data transfer from a wide range of on farm sensors. Combined with information gathering, we provide secure cloud based data storage, analytics and user interfaces for both desktop and mobile devices.

We provide a solution that allows farmers to start small and build as much and as quickly as they want. Our system uses a number of different communication tools to connect sensors to the cloud. We pick the most suitable depending on many factors such as location, power supply , sensor type and the information frequency required.