LX Group and Smart Elements

FarmPulse use the LX SmartElements Blue Node ecosystem to capture and transmit on-farm device data in environments that typically would not provide internet connectivity.  The use of LoRa technology has allowed us to build a robust and highly available private network – our customers properties can be rapidly integrated into our platform without complex setup.  We have a long-standing relationship with LX and view their technology as truly transformative in an agricultural setting.

Advantech Australia

FarmPulse are utilising Advantech Wise Data Loggers to capture and transmit on-farm device data where power and WiFi facilities are present.  These devices provide robust and flexible solutions to farm data capture with the added advantage of high frequency reporting.


FarmPulse use solar/battery powered Wildeye 3/4G multi-input loggers to provide autonomous remote connectivity in places where WiFi and LoRa wont go.  Wildeye gear is bulletproof, cost-effective and plays nicely with our other hardware solutions.  We currently have Wildeye equipment monitoring dam water levels and irrigation pump water meters.